2018 Industry Highlights, and What's In Store for 2019

The year 2018 is a landmark year — not only for Sipi Asset Recovery, but for our entire industry — as well as all facets of data security. The market for IT asset disposition is gaining strength and has become more of a core focus than ever before. Many factors have driven this and will continue to drive this trend.

What drove our industry in 2018

Technological advancements in data storage are forever altering the playing field, and compliance regulations are quickly ramping up in this security-minded world. The landmark GDPR regulations are a great example of this.

Furthermore, the commoditization of secure ITAD is beginning to yield to growing concerns over security. Asset disposition is no longer simply an exercise in procurement, an assortment of RFP’s, or a box to check. Professionals of every role ranging from IT and data security to PR and insurance to finance and accounting are all focused. They’re focused on what exactly happens at a data-bearing asset’s end of life, and the risks and opportunities therein.

Sipi Asset Recovery in 2018

Amongst this changing landscape, Sipi Asset Recovery saw a great period of growth and opportunity and has emerged as a market leader in the industry. We’ve revamped our core competencies including our digital marketplace, and we showed a strong commitment to interact with the market as often as possible. This includes both digitally and face to face – wherever our partners are!

We’ve also added capacity and have been in a growth position in 2018, increasing both the number of services we offer to our partners as well as our ability to perform them at scale.

Sipi is excited to continue its support of IAITAM during ITAM Awareness Month by sharing  best practices around secure destruction. We participated in industry events and conferences to bring awareness to ITAD and data security throughout 2018. Additionally, Sipi Asset Recovery has been recognized in Gartner’s IT Asset Disposition Market Guide. We look forward to continually adding value to this relationship as both Gartner and IAITAM continue to be a reference for knowledge, insight, and guidance in the ITAD marketplace.

Rapid change is coming to ITAD

We predict that 2019 will be another year of accelerated growth and advancement for our industry.

The first wave of high capacity drives: HAMR and MAMR drives will be arriving on the market, utilizing bold new technologies that dramatically increase the data storage capacity of physical media. These drives will challenge IT asset disposition companies in terms of the proper and compliant way to ensure 100% data security and destruction.

New standards for data sanitization: New recommendations will be made for both public and Smelt 350x350 copyprivate sectors. These standards will be recast to specifically address new challenges — all of which Sipi Asset Recovery is capable of handling today. New terms such as “incineration” and “liquification” will enter the lexicon of those responsible for data security. New technologies for drive wiping will arrive as well. Our company will be at the forefront, leading the introduction of new solutions to the market. It’s crucial for us to ensure our existing and future clients have the proper governance and security in place to guarantee compliance.

New standards in chain-of-custody and asset transportation: We will continue to see added pressure and ratcheting compliance concerns internationally. For example, the handling of e-waste material or the transportation of IT assets throughout the world.

Increased movement to the cloud: “Cloud” has indeed been the favored term over the past several years, but more now than ever we’ll see a dominating theme of dealing with legacy IT assets. As more companies move their infrastructure from legacy deployments to cloud-based systems, it’s essential that “what gets left behind” is handled properly. This also brings up the concern of making sure the chosen cloud provider also employs proper and compliant disposition practices.

Sipi looks forward to 2019

Image for Year End BlogOur company will continue our growth trend and proactively address the future of data security. Our unique synergy with our parent company, Sipi Metals, enables us to increase the value we provide to our partners, in regards both to the recovery of precious metals from EOL assets as well as benefits to the supply chain.

Additionally, we have two new services that we have brought to market that will continue to gain traction in 2019. The first is our Inventory As-A-Service offering, or INVaaS. This service is an extension of the partnership we provide to clients, involving an expanded understanding of inventory levels to make real-world EOL decisions. In other words, not basing decisions solely on the end of lifecycle value, but real world and supply chain factors.

The second is our exclusive FIREMELT process. Sipi is the only ITAD company with the experience and resources to perform this service at scale. FIREMELT guarantees 100% destruction of data bearing physical assets — including drives based on new HAMR and MAMR technologies — and will be essential for companies on the forefront of technology to ensure compliance and data security.

Have you talked with us?

If you’re a stakeholder in, or steward of, your company’s IT assets and data security – or protecting your company’s brand and good name — 2019 will be a critical year.

  • Sipi provides a true partnership in offering a full portfolio of disposition services that can handle the new wave of data storage technology.
  • Sipi gives you the confidence that your provider has the vision, the resources, the know-how, and the personal commitment to ensure you’re compliant in a rapidly changing industry.
  • Sipi assists you in your need to know where your IT assets are really going, the environmental and regulatory impacts that will have, and that you know all the risks and opportunities of your available inventory.

We’d love to talk with you personally and show you how a partnership with Sipi Asset Recovery will ensure a safe and profitable 2019 for you — and your company.  Contact Us

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