4 Reasons Your Business Needs Inventory as-a-Service

Do you know precisely where all your IT assets are and where they fall in the lifecycle? Is there a possibility your assets have been misreported or it’s been a while since an audit’s been done?

Maybe your company doesn’t have the time or proper resources to inventory all assets, or you simply “don’t know what you don’t know.” Also consider the possibility of loss or theft; studies show that nearly 30% of assets have been either lost or stolen – creating some of the largest data breaches to-date.

Sipi Asset Recovery, based on decades of experience in the field, understands these challenges and the risks surrounding IT asset inventory.

We can help your business with our INVaaS (Inventory-as-a-Service) program; if any of the following scenarios sound familiar, contact us today.

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1.    You’re limited by on-network asset tracking tools

There are many on-network tools where you can expect to receive complete details of all the devices on your network, plus the ability to check for assets that are missing.

But what about the assets that are not connected to the network – perhaps stacked in an office or warehouse, or worse, a random room or closet?

Your business might be just beginning to create an inventory. Or, you have a complete working list and need a validation of those records. Minimizing risk and having a firm grip on the IT assets you have -- whether plugged-in to the network or not -- is essential to a successful ITAM program, and we can help.

2.    Your asset team is overworked or stretched too thin 

Companies are demanding “more-from-less” of their IT asset teams. Plus, the amount of technology equipment in a business, simply, can be immense and overwhelming – especially for a small (or overworked!) staff. This can make ongoing inventory management and physical IT audits a daunting task.

Sipi Asset Recovery assists your team in the asset management process every step of the way, from onsite inventory audits through to end-of-life. We provide consultative services to help your team with decisions regarding:

By providing these services on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, we free up your team to work on other important projects.

3.    You’re concerned about IT inventory risk factors

The fact is, not all assets have the same risk profile. Laptops used by employees working with sensitive company data will have a higher risk profile than those that don’t, for example.

As such, your business needs to have accurate information about every asset, including its location, ownership, support requirements, connectivity, historical data, and configuration information. Furthermore, without a centralized database, it’s difficult to analyze this data and identify vulnerabilities or potential risk.

As part of our IT asset inventory management program, Sipi consultants do the heavy lifting by utilizing accurate data reporting to gather this data. In this way, we’ll help your business make the best decision in each refresh cycle whether it’s to redeploy, recycle, or dispose of the asset.

4.    You want maximum returned value for your inventory over time

Servers, hard drives, laptops, and mobile devices are produced with varying degrees of quality and while “premium” assets may be suitable for redeployment, lower quality assets may be ready for retirement at the end of the refresh cycle.

As your refresh cycle comes about, our consultants – based on our experience with managing your inventory every step of the way -- will work with you to create a disposition plan at the end of the IT asset refresh cycle. Sipi focuses on providing maximized value recovery through remarketing, redeployment, donation, parts harvesting or recycling, depending on each unique asset.

The Sipi advantage

Sipi can bring unique value as your inventory management partner. Not only are we empowered to efficiently manage your IT asset inventory with a proven process and decades of real-world experience, Sipi also provides full-service disposition and all four levels of secure data destruction:

Whether your inventory assets are securely destroyed, repurposed, or redeployed, Sipi is proud to handle all these services in-house. This ensures that valuable information regarding your inventory isn’t lost or exposed by being handed off to multiple vendors, and that the maximum value is returned at the end of the process. Our focus is on partnership.

See what Sipi INVaaS can do for your business.

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