An ITAD Partner for End-of-Life Solutions

Today is an important day in the evolution of ITAD... More to come at the end of this blog.

As a wrap–up from our blog series throughout this year, this entry is about tying it all together. Whether it’s about defining who a good partner is, to compliance considerations, daily success measurements, and operational best practices, a true ITAD program carries weight to all of these elements.

The demands of recycling or safely and responsibly disposing end-of-life IT assets are more challenging than ever before. Sustainability, circular economy and data security are now mainstream initiatives. It’s important to select an ITAD partner with a full-spectrum of services, from recycling to truly secure data destruction, which can be custom-tailored to fit your unique asset disposition challenges.

Data security and environmental compliance isn’t simply following every law or every regulation. It must drive quality and unique value to our partner’s requirements. It’s our goal for our partners to have full confidence in our methods for asset recycling, disposition, secure data destruction.

Trusted ITAD PartnerTrust earned through partnership

Trust is amorphous, but it’s really quite simple. At Sipi, we operate using two key elements of trust: competence and character.

Competence ensures our cross-trained employees understand every step of your ITAD process from beginning to follow-up and every unique challenge in between. Every commitment we make to our partners starts with our employees. With an average of 10+ years of collective customer experience, the Sipi Asset Recovery team solves challenges other companies can’t.

Character ensures we will follow through with what we promise. Choosing an ITAD partner is more than just focusing on facts and figures, it’s also about valuing people and transparency. 

Best-in-class customer service

We believe every client deserves the best in personalization and assurance throughout the entire asset recovery process.

We value providing personalized customer service and we believe in the human connection, which have proven to be keys to our success. Our clients will never be redirected to an offshore call center or an automated machine. Instead, you’ll be calling a direct, dedicated point of contact when you have a question for us.

Furthermore, we even offer state of the industry mobile tracking, so you’ll know moment to moment where your assets are.

A proven consultative approach

For over 20 years, we have fine-tuned our approach by focusing on the value of a program rather than any single transaction. We offer the widest repertoire of services and capabilities of any ITAD company in the industry to create completely customizable and flexible ITAD solutions unique to your needs. 

No two businesses are alike, so why should you have to default to a predetermined program that doesn’t fit your needs? At Sipi, we tailor our program to your needs through hands-on conversation and detailed customization. 

We address every hidden aspect of your ITAD program including different profiles, size, scope, requirements and pain points. Those distinct criteria are then matched with a detailed customized solution to minimize risk and maximize recovery

Our ITAD expertise. Your value and security.

Choosing an ITAD partner is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your IT infrastructure. While Sipi Asset Recovery focuses on delivering value in ITAD processes, what drives us in our mission is to create withstanding relationships built on trust, personalization and proven results. 

With experience and genuine understanding, we can help you develop and execute a proven, personalized, cost-effective and environmentally friendly asset disposition program. 

Today we announce our portfolio of Secure Destruction Services as the beginning of the evolution! More to come in early fall to further enhance and evolve the ITAD marketplace

We are committed to the next evolution of ITAD! Contact us to discuss joining in this evolution.


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