David Garrett

David Garrett
David Garrett is the Director of Regulatory Affairs with Sipi Asset Recovery. In this role, David manages and leads a team responsible for health and safety, quality, environmental initiatives, as well as compliance and data security. David is no stranger to the electronics industry, having spent over 25 years as in the roles of product acquisition, production, inventory management and program development -- with a focus on compliance. In key management positions, David has provided leadership and growth in the various companies he has worked for. David helps those in IT related industries manage their assets to best practices, also assisting with compliance. David’s varied background has taken him from the beginning assembly of electronics through to the end of life process -- providing the perfect foundation for understanding customer requirements.
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Risk Mitigation Through Knowledge and Partnership

Posted by David Garrett on March 28, 2018

In our day-to-day operations, we partner with a variety of markets and industries of all sizes. Each of them — whether it’s datacenters, financial institutions, SMBs, or healthcare facilities – has unique compliance and risk management requirements. We know that our clients spend an enormous amount of time analyzing their risks. As such, it’s crucial that analysis extends to your next tier ITAD partners — the partner you are entrusting to handle your assets in compliance with legal and industry regulations.

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