IT asset box program: essential for your mobile workforce?

Our country has been continuing to move forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Through stay-at-home orders and closed offices and stores, workers across many industries continue their hard work. This hasn’t come without sacrifice; for many workers used to “going to the office,” it’s been a major shift. This could be up to half of American workers who have moved their IT gear to home, purchased new IT assets, or have upgraded existing laptops or other productivity tools.

Of course, this has presented unique (and sudden) challenges for IT asset managers. For companies struggling with staff reductions, inadequate vendors, or other difficulties arising from the sudden move to working from home — will ensure a smooth transition.

A box program, in particular, is an essential component for companies with employees now working from remote locations.

What is a box program for ITAD?

While it’s often used by companies with remote workers or satellite offices, it’s now an essential service for virtually every company that has employees working from home.  A box program should provide a secure, seamless process for recovering remote assets, is easy to deploy, enables on-site data wiping, and provides detailed reporting and tracking for ITAMs and project managers.

Sipi’s box program is easy for employees, tooBox Program (1)

After receiving shipping location details from the ITAM, the process shifts to the services provided by the Sipi box program and our customer service team. A Sipi expert determines the size and quantity of kits that will be needed, then sends a pre-paid shipping kit to the remote employee(s). This process frees up IT staff to focus on other tasks while ensuring a smooth, secure recovery. Plus, remote employees receive everything they need at one time to comply with the program, making it as easy as possible for everyone.

A hallmark of our box program is its simplicity. Employees working from home will receive a reinforced shipping kit that contains the following:

  • A reinforced box for shipping one or multiple assets
  • All necessary packing supplies to ship the assets
  • A pre-paid shipping label that is complete and ready to use
  • A full set of straightforward, step-by-step instructions

On-site data wiping for remote assets

For the most sensitive of remote assets, Sipi’s box program provides a licensed on-site data wiping tool.

This tool is easily distributed by the IT asset manager and enables data-bearing assets to be securely wiped — prior to being packed up and shipped to a Sipi processing facility.

Detailed tracking solves project management and security problems

Imagine being the ITAM tasked with tracking every asset that was once in the office and is now remote. These assets are now located in employees’ homes and in spread-out locations — possibly even outside of the state. Some employees may have one asset, others many. When disposition is required, the process of manually recovering each device and data-bearing asset across multiple locations is error-prone and can pose serious compliance and security risks.

To alleviate this, our clients leverage our comprehensive reporting and tracking tool. This tool does the heavy lifting for IT asset managers and project managers by provided detailed, asset-by-asset reports via web portal. This includes details on audits, compliance, and data security. It also allows for fast confirmation of precisely which assets have been shipped and which have not, and the status of each by tracking bills of lading both inbound and outbound. Certificates of erasure and recycling are available on the portal for viewing at any time.

Let us help you in these challenging times

Our team knows the challenges every business is facing; we live it every day, helping clients to navigate the brand-new obstacles to ITAD presented by the COVID-19 crisis. Sipi is uniquely positioned to help your company with a customized box program that brings together a seamless proven process, ease of deployment, on-site data wiping, and detailed tracking.

See more details on our box program on our website, or contact a Sipi team member — we look forward to partnering with you.

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