Is your secure ITAD provider in it for the long haul?

As we’ve referenced before, the world of IT asset disposition, lifecycle management, and inventory management is constantly on the move. 2018 was a landmark year and 2019 is breezing by with its own set of challenges.

Key player leaves the ITAD market

However, of all the news in 2019, one recent announcement has left a mark: Arrow Electronics’ departure from the ITAD industry. As industry colleagues, we sympathize with the employees and their families that find themselves in vulnerable situations due to the closing. As competitor vendors in our field there has been buzzing over the news — many are shocked — plus there’s been much speculation and analysis over exactly why this came to be.

What really stands out to us at Sipi are two specific factors that have been mentioned:

  1. Arrow Electronics announced their departure on 2019-07-15, stating that 2019-07-22 “will be the last day for pickups to be arranged” and 2019-08-05 “will be the last day that we will receive assets at our facilities.” That was hardly much lead time for companies to re-evaluate and ensure their needs were being met.
  2. Arrow was known for what many call the “acquisition and integration” model. Many analysts believe this was a key factor in their departure. One comment shone through to us, from a former president of one of Arrow’s acquired companies. He says Our new owners took a cookie-cutter approach to providing services.”

Sipi focuses on partnership in the long termDepositphotos_162120584_l-2015-1

There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with us, and we can talk at length about our full portfolio of secure destruction methods, our unique FIREMELT™ destruction process, our flexible on-site services, our… well, you get the idea.

Our focus today is on the reason why Sipi has been in business for decades, starting with Sipi Metals back in 1905: the spirit of partnership.

Everything we do and every service we offer centers around this concept. Your success is our success, and not just for the next week or the next quarter. Plus, we simply don’t have a templatized solution for our clients. We don’t “box you in” to a specific program. We customize your ITAD program for you.

Let us help you transition

If you’ve been left in the difficult position of needing to find a new ITAD provider, we’d love the opportunity to show you what makes us unique in the industry — and how we can help you succeed. Click here to get in touch.

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