ITAD challenges CITOs are facing in 2019 and beyond

Posted by Carol Judson on May 20, 2019

Secure ITAD and inventory is crucial for information technology officers

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Topics: The Asset Lifecycle, Risk Management

Why CFOs need to focus on IT assets in 2019

Posted by Carol Judson on April 4, 2019

Chief Financial Officer. It’s a heady title, and we know the responsibility it carries. CFOs are responsible for managing the company’s finances from top to bottom, in fact. However, the role has been evolving in recent years — making the connection between finance and IT stronger than ever.

The role of today’s CFO

Traditionally, Chief Financial Officers have been responsible for a wide range of tasks including financial planning, managing financial risk, benchmarking and forecasting, managing growth, and providing records and reports for the organization. While these core aspects are still in place, CFOs today are thought of as much more than simply the keyholder to the company’s coffers!

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Topics: The Asset Lifecycle, Risk Management, Data Security

Insights from Data Center World 2019 (DCW)

Posted by John McLeod on March 29, 2019

What is Data Center World?

As the folks at Data Center World (DCW) say themselves: the data center is an integral part of the DNA of any business. IT operations professionals, datacenter facilities directors, executives, and more come to DCW, which is the largest conference specifically designed for those who design, build, and manage data centers.

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Being an ITAM superhero is hard. Here's how we help.

Posted by Carol Judson on March 18, 2019

As an IT Asset Manager, you’re fully engaged with boots on the ground. If it’s got an asset tag or a license, chances are you’re responsible for it. Not just in terms of managing the asset from acquisition to disposal, but also forming long term strategies and working across departments. Your role is also becoming more demanding than ever before.

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Topics: The Asset Lifecycle, Risk Management

Changes in 2019 for IT equipment leasing organizations

Posted by Carol Judson on March 12, 2019

Recently, business development managers and IT remarketing experts from the Sipi Asset Recovery team attended the ELFA Equipment Management Conference in Carlsbad, CA, US. As an exhibitor at the conference, Sipi’s mission was to leverage decades of expertise to manage end-of-lease IT equipment. The 2019 conference was an eye-opening one; there’s changes coming that will affect leasing organizations in some big ways. Here’s the lowdown from Sipi experts.

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