Risk Mitigation Through Knowledge and Partnership

In our day-to-day operations, we partner with a variety of markets and industries of all sizes. Each of them — whether it’s datacenters, financial institutions, SMBs, or healthcare facilities – has unique compliance and risk management requirements. We know that our clients spend an enormous amount of time analyzing their risks. As such, it’s crucial that analysis extends to your next tier ITAD partners — the partner you are entrusting to handle your assets in compliance with legal and industry regulations.

Our team performs internal risk analysis of our own company and processes, with the goal of understanding what our partners want and need before they even know it! Sipi does this by aligning our own policies and standards to be in line with industry standards, based on our decades of experience in the field as well as achieving certifications and our internal commitments to quality service.

When companies are first looking for an ITAD partnership, the two biggest risks we are often asked about are data security and environmental concerns.

Data security compliance and risk Data Security Depositphotos_17347285_m-2015.jpg

As a company focused on true partnership, there are several ways we help our partners achieve their compliance and risk management goals for data security.

Through rigorous internal programs, our team fully vets the transportation companies that will be handling our partners’ data assets. This is done to ensure these companies are 100% compliant with the standards required by our customers; from safety records and background checks to performance reviews, our first contact with your assets is critical.

It’s our goal for our partners to have full confidence in our methods for data destruction and erasure. We simply do not offer only one or two specific services that are convenient for us! In fact, Sipi has invested heavily in our full on-site media destruction processes, with verification to back it up.

In addition, we’re committed to exceeding data security standards in our own daily operations through a large investment in secure facilities, staff data security training, and internal risk monitoring programs. External 3rd party forensic testing organizations verify our internal data processes, and we provide comprehensive reporting to customers that provides assurance of each step’s completion.

Environmental compliance and risk ISO 14001 Depositphotos_164351082_m-2015.jpg

Along with data security, environmental issues are top-of-mind for our partners. We pride ourselves on giving assets their best chance at having a second life while recovering value for our clients, but some simply cannot be re-used and must be recycled.

One of the largest investments we make at Sipi is taking extra steps to ensure that our downstream partners are delivering the same commitment to recycling risk management that we are. By working with verified downstream partners we’re able to ensure that client assets are managed in a compliant and environmentally conscious manner at every step in the lifecycle. 


ITAD Certifications

Speaking of proper asset lifecycle management, it’s one thing for a company to “say” they’re meeting standards — and another entirely to prove it.

ITAD related certifications help Sipi assure our clients that we have the know-how and are accountable every day to meet the commitments we make to you.

Our company invests heavily in achieving these certifications to further our goal of aligning our internal standards with the rest of the industry. This gives our team deep knowledge of our clients’ requirements and empowers us to service our customers in a long-term partnership. Sipi has achieved both standard industry certifications as well as ITAD specific certifications, including both R2 and e-Stewards environmental compliance.

Quality and Commitment

Certifications are a powerful accountability step in the process — vendors simply talk about certifications… but ITAD partners live them.

From a quality standpoint, our internal management systems drive our compliance and risk management expertise — with a focus on our partners’ requirements. Compliance isn’t simply following every applicable law; it includes being compliant and driving quality to our partner’s requirements.  This involves rigorous internal testing, inventory controls, shipping controls, auditing of processes and daily review of our SLAs to ensure we’re consistently delivering.

Employee Investment teamembrace_blueV5 no words copy.jpg

Every commitment we make to our partners starts with our employees.

The SipiAR team is dedicated to our industry, which starts with understanding every role in our operation and hiring qualified people to step up in each role. Once on board, strict internal testing and training programs for skills evaluation begins and is ongoing. We also cross-train our team members in multiple areas of our facilities, so they’ll be available for the long-term as we service our partnerships.

It’s a basic expectation that employees are treated fairly and are provided a safe work environment. Our commitment to partnership means that we’re not content with meeting these baseline requirements alone.  IT assets can require special controls to mitigate health risks of our employees. Sipi has active internal programs that require employee participation, which helps us to plan for, identify and minimize health and safety risks. Participation and ideas are driven by our employees themselves, not from the top-down.

Is your vendor committed to compliance?

Take a moment to stop and think of the huge amount of time, money, and resources you are putting into your company’s risk analysis, as well as determining your compliance and regulatory requirements.

The important question is whether your vendor is showing this same level of commitment.

Are they living compliance in their day-to-day operations? Are they able to flexibly meet your risk management needs? Are they investing in their employees to know all they can about your business?

We’re proud to say: we are!

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